Welcome to Timber Oaks Realty

"Where You Feel at Home"

Welcome to Timber Oaks Realty

We are so thrilled that you have chosen us to help you find your home. Your happiness is our satisfaction, and we take great pleasure in truly hearing your needs, desires, and wants so that we can deliver you a house that you can make your home.

We are a family business and hope that you can certainly feel like a part of ours. Shelley began as a Real Estate Agent in 2012. Becoming successful and one of the top agents in the county, she knew she was able to do more with her drive, talents, and ambition. February 2019, she passed her exams to become a broker.

In 2015, Andy and Nickia, began to fall in love with real estate, as well. Andy served our country faithfully as a United States Marine until his retirement in June 2022. But because he is trained to be two steps ahead, he began looking forward to his next chapter in a new career of real estate. Together, they decided to take their profit from the house they sold in California and began purchasing rental properties in the Lyons area. They have learned the art of property management, investing, and flipping homes.

Timber Oaks Realty was birthed through the eyes of one of Andy and Nickia’s children (Shelley’s grandchild), and we knew that we needed to build a legacy for the next generation. Here at Timber Oaks, we maintain honesty, integrity, generosity, and faithful obedience to our Lord.

Please stop by, grab a coffee, and make yourself at home!

Timber Oaks Agents

Shelley Peverley, Broker

[email protected]

Shelley received her Real Estate license in 2012 to pursue a passion of hers. As a Lyons native, she knows the streets, neighbors, and farmlands and felt a deep desire to “lead people to their home.” Her path to home started on a farm west of Lyons. She learned to love the land and community of Rice County early on in life. The dirt road led her to her home in northern Rice County on a farm with her husband, Kirk. Together, they raised two children, Dustin and Nickia.

She said, "It is a joy that I am now able to continue in the Real Estate business as a broker, and also create a company with my daughter Nickia and her husband, Andy. As always, your home is my commitment. Listen. Hunt. Achieve. I will strive to lead you to your home by listening to your dream, your need, and your budget. I will hunt for homes that match your desires, and give you endless opportunities to find yourselves in your perfect house to call home. Finally, I will lead you down your new road to your home where you, too, can plant your roots."

Nickia Larsen, Agent

[email protected]

Nickia is the newest member of the team beginning July 2022, although she was here at the very beginning of the Timber Oaks Realty conception. Nickia was born and raised in Rice County and is excited to have returned to her roots after her husband’s retirement from the United States Marine Corps. She is passionate about bringing beauty, life, and simplicity to her community. Nickia’s heart is to find the goodness in houses that bring comfort, belonging, and joy to create a home filled with love, laughter, and hope. As she is confident that the greatest ministry and blessing a person can bring to the world begins in the home. When Nickia is not with clients, she can be found pastoring the First Christian Church of Lyons.

Andy Larsen, Property Management

[email protected]

Andy Larsen, husband of Nickia Larsen,  recently retired from the United States Marine Corps and pursing his second career in the real estate industry.  Andy grew up in Lyons and knows the area well. Soon after graduating Lyons High, he joined the military.  Andy is married to his wife, Nickia, and together they have three children. He knew right away he wanted to build a great legacy for his children. He fell in love with real estate after making a huge purchase in California. Once they sold their home, they used the profit to purchase rental homes in Lyons. He is dedicated to bringing you great satisfaction during your rental season in life. He truly wants you to feel right at home. Andy is becoming seasoned in the property management aspect of Timber Oaks and would be happy to answer any questions you may have in rentals! If interested in having Timber Oaks Realty manage your rentals or home, please contact Andy.

Awards of Excellence

Broker Shelley Peverley has received the Bronze Award for selling between 3 million and $5,999,999 in sales transaction volume or completed 20-39 transaction sides in 2022.



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